We Are A Leader in Agribusiness & Food Export

We are a company created on Nov 11, 2016 with the soul purpose of providing basic agricultural needs to its surrounding.

KIANGA EXPORTS is one of the world’s leader in large scale agricultural processing, industrial manufacturing and wholesale trading of goods in high demand. Whatever it is you need to import, we have it in stock.

Our business principle is based on partnerships and we have numerous partnerships with the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. We link you to top quality at the cheapest prices.
We continually strive to increase our share of value-added solutions relative to bulk products sales world wide.

With our own brands and customers own private labels, the company is best placed to be your preferred supply partner throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

We are into the export of

– Animal feed
– Nuts & Grains
– Spices
– Seeds & Pulses
– Fertilizers
– Refined Oil

Through extensive research and cooperation with a variety of farmers and producers of grain and vegetable oil products, we have selected the most vetted sources in each given field and have evaluated their terms and conditions and deemed them as efficient and in harmony with international business practices and standards.

Day after day we are in close contact with our customers in over 50 countries. We realize that every customer is unique. By really taking a good look at their businesses and working together with them, we understand exactly what matters to them and to their sector.

Besides we have a wide orientation in the complete food and feed chain. It is this knowledge and experience that we translate into tailored advice, business services and products which fit our customers’ needs optimally. Whatever nutritional solution they need, no matter how big their business is and no matter where they are active. In this regard, Kianga Export LTD is proud to become your strategic partner, ready and able to source grain products through evaluated sources based on its customers’ requirements.

The cornerstones of our self-concept

  • We providing leading solutions for food. For our customers we are the close partner. We connect products, advice and services, enabling our customers to achieve their best.
  • We are the close companion. As that close companion, Kianga Export LTD helps create the future to the advantage of its business partners and support them in an internationally connected environment with the best solutions for agriculture products.
  • We stand for trust: customer-focused expertise paired with a partnership-based attitude. We stand for solidity: financial strength and down-to-earth mentality as the basis for working sustainably. We stand for innovation: development of new products and flexible solutions to continue growing profitably for the future.
  • We feel bound to manage the company sustainably and responsibly and act as entrepreneurs within the Group. Ethically and legally impeccable behavior forms the basis of our company culture.
  • We take responsibility for our community and environment, especially due to our roots in the cooperative movement.
  • We lead with enthusiasm and appreciation, in a goal- oriented way. We act as reliable role models, encourage independent behavior and delegate responsibility.



To be a leader in the food and animal feed grain products supplying by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.


To provide quality products and services that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers. To build good reputation in the field of grain products market

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and business partners and providing stability and exceptional customer services from initial to finalizing of transactions.

Core Values

To treat our customers with respect, dignity and faith. To grow through our customers’ advice, and suggestions. To integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functions.


To further develop our sourcing capabilities for key products in the agriculture industry through vetted sources and develop our relationship with our customers and present them with future opportunities.